Is the Skill shortage being taken seriously or is it a ticking timebomb?

I keep hearing just how difficult it is to find good well-trained people, you can’t get the right staff, many businesses simple can’t attract the right quality of employees now let alone in the future.

If we don’t change the way, we do things the consequences will have a massive impact on our ability to compete at the highest level and to meet our current and future needs.

What are the true costs of employing the wrong people in to your business? Not to mention the challenges that can lead to so much frustration and a continued challenge with the UKs productivity levels and much more here are just a few examples of the challenges that we could be facing: -

· Poor perceived customer care and service.

· Unacceptable quality of goods and services.

· Rising costs of production and low productivity.

· Unable to invest in the latest technology, processes and systems.

· Many large and small businesses continue to see their share of the market decline

hitting profits, margins and value.

Many businesses simply can’t do what they say they do and as consumers we are apathetic and accept poor quality and services and allow the situation to continue to spiral out of control. We need to act and start holding people accountable for the lack of results in tackling this ticking time bomb.

Who’s responsible for ensuring this situation is addressed is it National Government, Local government, the education system, businesses or someone else?

There is a huge amount of money being provided to help solve this serious challenge to our country’s economic future and stability.

It’s time we all stepped up and work in collaboration to help resolve this and many other issues connecting the academic and business sectors.

We all need to play a part and can start helping by supporting local independent businesses, big business needs to start putting people before profits and getting more involved in their local communities, we need to start setting standards and raising the bar, our children are the future and an asset that we sometimes overlook. The people charged with delivering the support and taking the money need to be held to account and start to deliver world class help, support and guidance that delivers the right results.

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