It’s probably a good time to review the business fundamentals as things seem to be changing by the minute.

Cash-flow, income and expenditure will be affecting million of all types of businesses from the biggest to the sole trader who often work from day to day or week to week.

Short term planning will be crucial if we are to prevent the loss of many great businesses with salaries and wages putting huge pressure on most businesses.

Planning will be key along with government support in the short term, long term will will need to adopt and adapt to a new business world that has now probably changed forever.

Keep yourself in Business

Vision – Long term, inspiring destination, this should be inspiring, challenging and believable

Core Purpose – Your company’s reason for ‘BEING’

Core Values – How does your company ‘LIVE’

Business Strategies – Choosing the way to win, Who, what, where, when, why and how. Specific choices

Unique Selling Proposition – Your Customer Promise, ‘Promise’ Why would someone buy from you

Action Plans – Go  To  Marketing ActivitiesHow you engage with your customers

Operational Capabilities – Delivering with Excellence, Team & processes to do what you say

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