8 Reasons why working with an experienced business coach can accelerate results

1. You Are Overwhelmed The No. 1 sign that it’s time for a business coach is when you hit that feeling of being overwhelmed. You are overwhelmed by feeling like there is too much to do and too few hours in the day. You are overwhelmed by not knowing how much profit you are making at the end of your month. And you are overwhelmed because you don’t feel like you have control of your business, your employees or your customers.

2. You Need a Confidant to Talk About Your Business With Standing centre stage holds an expectation for excellence. Who can you trust to speak without feeling exposed, or impairing your credibility or reputation within the organisation or its clients? How would it feel to have a safe sounding board for honest feedback on your ideas and a partner to support you in the process of design, implementation and evaluation? Time to hire a coach!

3. You Intellectually Know What to Do But Don’t Do It You need a coach when you “know” what to do but don’t implement. Lack of change typically occurs because you need to experience some paradigm shifts that require someone with an outside perspective challenging your assumptions and because you need someone to help you translate general principles into specific steps that you can take in your own life.

4. You Aren’t Getting the Results You Want Sometimes we think we know the right path to take in our career growth or business growth, but we come to find it isn’t working. In order to get results we want, we may need guidance from someone who can see things from a more objective view, not a subjective view. Turning to a business coach can increase ROI, surge active engagement, and allow one to remove obstacles that are affecting results.

5. You Want to Save Time and Money If you’re business or thinking about starting a business and thinking, “Wow, I could really use someone to help me figure out the best way to do this,” you should be considering getting a coach. Going the “lone wolf” route can cost much more in wasted time and money, and that can all be avoided by working with an great coach.

Eight Signs It's Time To Hire A Business Coach.

6. You Find Yourself Listening Only To Your Own Ideas The No. 1 sign you need to hire a business coach is when you find yourself only listening to your own ideas. The higher up the ladder you are, the more people tend not to be honest and just comply. The same thing can happen to entrepreneurs because they tend to work alone; they have the tendency to only hear their own ideas. We all need checks and balances. A coach can help you.

7. You’re Feeling Stuck and Frustrated by Others My clients often have a similar story reappearing in their lives in different ways. A great time to work with a business coach is when you find yourself repeatedly frustrated by others around you at work, or if you can see that you have some unhealthy workplace dynamics, but you’re not sure how to change them. The unbiased perspective of a coach can be just what that you need.

8. You Want Your Company to Grow You want to grow the company but are not sure what to do first, a great coach will help you get focus and get clarity on where you are now and where you want to be in the years to come. Your coach will help you prioritise and plan the required growth, they will also keep you and your team accountable for the actions agreed. By implementing some systems and process you can really accelerate the growth of your business.