About Bill Fox | Experienced Business Coach and Mentor

 Multi Award Winning Business Coach and Mentor covering Kent, London and the South East providing

1-2-1 and  Group Support, Help Guidance and Advice getting the results that you want.


Established since 2005, having worked in the corporate world for many years gaining lots of experience building winning teams by identifying operational and performance barriers found in many of todays businesses, identifying solutions that will solve these barriers and move the whole business forwards.


Working with the business and their teams establishing and enabling new practices that are more productive and capable of learning new ways to build a business that works better in the modern world. Well be focused on improving productivity, profits, motivation, results building a happier and more content workforce and an environment that will enhance performance across the organisation. 

Help with all aspects of businesses improvement and growth, from your website to your sales and marketing, strategic planning, business planning, growth planning, succession planning, team building, dysfunctional team's, leadership & management, social media, sustainability, results, accountability. 

Sure I've made mistakes along the way and learned how by implementing simple and easy to follow systems, processes and procedures could make a real difference saving time, money, stress, improved performance, results and satisfaction.

I've worked with hundreds of businesses helping them to achieve their goal,

objectives, aspirations, dreams, work life balance and much more.  


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Typically, I support my clients in the following areas: 

General Planning — Working with you on stabilising and developing your Strategic plans, Sales &      Marketing Planning, Financial Management and general Administration and Personnel issues. He will be capable of looking at the whole business and helping you prioritise to ensure that you are focused on the key priorities and that you and the business are moving towards you goals and objectives.

Growth Planning — Specialises in helping you to develop and implement your Sales & Marketing, Business Plan, Action Plan.  I will help you to measure you return on investment and help you focus on the things that will make a real difference. 

Financial Planning — Specialises in helping you understand Financial Statements, Cash Flow Management, Pricing Strategies, and Employee HMRC requirements. However, I’m   not a qualified accountant or tax advisor.

and much more call or email today T:01233 - 668809 or E:info@billfox.org